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Last updated 12/25/2019

This page contains news and media items pertaining to The Audacious Ascetic.

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Book Review in Critical Studies on Terrorism (vol.11(3))

December 2018

National Center for Peace and Conflict Studies (U. Otago, NZ) Ph.D. Kieran Ford assesses the book’s contributions to critical terrorism studies.

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'Book of the Day', The Guardian

September 15th, 2015

Read the Guardian review by Peter Conrad


BBC Radio 4: The bin Laden Tapes

Monday August 17th, 2015 8pm

BBC Security correspondent Gordon Corera speaks to Prof Flagg Miller from the University of California-Davis, who has spent more than a decade translating and analysing more than 1500 audio cassettes featuring sermons, speeches, songs and candid recordings of Arab-Afghan fighters, recorded between the 1960s up until the 9/11 attacks.

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Vice News: What I Learned About al Qaeda from Analyzing the ‘Bin Laden’ Tapes

Monday, September 28th, 2015

A piece by Flagg Miller reviews surprising discoveries at the center of his book.

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Perspectives on Terrorism (U. of Leiden): Vol 11 (1), (2017)

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Book Review in Twentieth-Century Music (vol. 32(1))

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Musicologist Beau Bothwell consider’s the book’s contributions to music and sound studies.

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This is Hell!

Sunday, October 31st, 2015

WNUR Chicago's Chuck Mertz interviews Prof Miller about the book’s insights about the power of the bin Laden story.

Listen to the interview


Was Osama bin Laden Really In Charge Of Al-Qa`ida Or A Convenient Western Boogeyman?

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Kansas City’s KKFI Community Radio: Tell Somebody Host Margot Patterson boils The Audacious Ascetic down to critical key points.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Inside bin Laden’s Audio Library

Wednesday September 9th, 2015

Australian Late Night Live’s Andrew West asks Prof Flagg Miller about curiosities in the tape collection and what they reveal.


The Sunday Times (England)

Sunday October 4th, 2015

Read a book review by Catherine Philp.

Read the review


Prospect Magazine (UK)

Sunday October 15th, 2015

Read a short book review by David Patrikarakos

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Public Radio International’s The World

Wednesday October 21st, 2015

Listen to Marcus Werman talk with Flagg about “a story that remains to be told"

Listen to the interview


National Public Radio, On the Media

Listen to Bob Garfield's interview with professor Miller.

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Public Radio International’s The World

Listen to Katy Clark's interview with professor Miller.

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BBC World Service

Read Michael Hirst's BBC article "Analysing Bin Laden's jihadi poetry"

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Chronicle of Higher Education

Read Thomas Bartlett's article "Before Martyrdom, Breakfast" in the Chronicle of Higher Education

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Kirkus Book Review

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About the Author

Flagg MillerFlagg Miller is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Davis.

Trained as a linguistic anthropologist, his first book, The Moral Resonance of Arab Media: Audio-cassette Poetry and Culture in Yemen, examined how Yemenis have used traditional poetry and new media technologies to envision a productive relationship between tribalism and progressive Muslim reform.